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Feb 28 / jfletcher

What I’m Working On: Settees in Foyers.

I met with a potential client last Friday and although we haven’t started just yet, my design wheels are already turning. That tends to be the case with most things in my life, whether it’s worry or design. My wheels are always turning.

During the consultation, one idea that we talked about was possibly adding a settee or upholstered bench in the Foyer. There are two blank walls in the Foyer and I don’t just want to do two console tables. Plus, I like the idea of introducing something soft. Something with a pattern and/or color. So, to me, a settee makes sense. Jenny of Little Green Notebook once had a leather settee in her entryway so I know she agrees. What do you think?

Photo credits: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.


  1. Katie Engel / Feb 29 2012

    I LOVE that brick floor and all the natural light that room gets!

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