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Feb 15 / jfletcher

For Like Ever.


My plan yesterday was to share photos showcasing the iconic “For Like Ever” poster by Tracy Jenkins from Village for Valentine’s Day. The title of the post was going to be “Be Mine” and I would close the post with “For like ever“. Be Mine. For Like Ever. Get it? Clever, I know. But I was much too excited about my surprise Keurig (and clearly overly caffeinated) that the “For Like Ever” blog post idea took a back seat. And now Valentine’s day is over so to ask you to “Be Mine” would be strange. So, today I’ll just show you my two favorite photos that I gathered showing the “For Like Ever” poster with absolutely no clever tag line to go along with it. None. 

Photo Credits: Apartment Therapy and Domino Magazine.


  1. Meredith Russell / Feb 15 2012

    for like ever! i’d rock it. so cute.
    and i love that little gold textured strip of wallpaper in the second pic.

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