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Feb 8 / jfletcher

Girl Crush: Bailey Quin McCarthy

Yesterday had three highlights for me. You better sit down because I’m going to share them all with you. Too much? Okay, I will only share two because technically, one highlight should be canceled out due to the fact that I’m pretty sure we have squirrels or something equally as disgusting in our attic. Okay, so two highlights. Fine. You win.

The first highlight for me was having two phone calls with my very best friend, Sarah. Many days, and sometimes weeks, can go by before the two of us have a chance to connect, so when we do get to talk it’s the greatest. During our phone calls, we discuss all kinds of things: Real Housewives of Whatever City Is On At The Moment, food, High School gossip (get over it already!) and updates on our personal lives. At one point during our convo yesterday, we started talking about the show New Girl which aired last night (highlight #2 that I won’t talk about), which evolved into talking about Zooey Deschanel, which then prompted Sar to email me a link to a blog post about Zooey’s bangs, which then turned to a discussion about that blog and the blog’s author, Bailey Quin McCarthy. Welcome to the inner workings of a girl’s brain. We talk about other girls, and their bangs, and TV shows about other girls, and food. Always food. But any way, let’s get back to the point here. So, this blog is written by a girl named Bailey who at the ripe old age of 25 (or is it 26?) has gutted not one but TWO amazing homes. And the houses are truly ahhh-maaazing. You might recognize this house, affectionately named Clifford (The Big Red House), featured in the pages of Rue Magazine last year. Her use of wallpaper is outrageous and I love it. This was the third highlight of my day, revisiting this gorgeous Chicago home.

 Pete and Bailey Quin McCarthy

Not many people can pull off this eclectic and playful look. I read quite a few blogs and articles last night that described Bailey as “quirky”, but to me she just has loads of personality. I welcome anyone with a sense of humor.

Bailey Quin McCarthy Clifford Kitchen    Bailey Quin McCarthy Kids bathroom

Bailey Quin McCarthy Clifford Bathroom  Bailey Quin McCarthy Clifford bedroom

Bailey Quin McCarthy Clifford Living Room   Bailey Quin McCarthy Clifford Dining Room

I love that Dining Room. The guns are a bit much for me (although I kind of love them at the same time) but that wallpaper. Oh that wallpaper. It’s a beauty.

Bailey Quin McCarthy Clifford Living Room 2  Bailey Quin McCarthy Clifford hallway

I might need to paint my doors black.

Bailey Quin McCarthy Clifford master bedroom    Bailey Quin McCarthy Clifford closet

Bailey Quin McCarthy   Bailey Quin McCarthy Clifford bathroom

Since the Rue feature was published, Bailey and her husband Pete, have moved to Texas and are in the process of remodeling their second home called Mr. Banks (because it looks like the Father of the Bride house). There haven’t been any “after” photos of the house yet but you can bet your bottom dollar that most of the blogosphere is waiting with baited breath to see the reveal. I know I am. And so is Sarah.

P.S. Sarah’s birthday is tomorrow! That’s highlight #4.

Photo credits: Emily Anderson via Rue Magazine and Peppermint Bliss.