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Feb 7 / jfletcher

Tulip Tables with Traditional Chairs.

I’ve decided that we need a tulip table for the Dining Room. Need it. I’d love to have the real thing but I will settle for an imitation at this point. I’ve wanted one forever and the 48″ round will fit perfectly. I plan on pairing it with 4 antique wooden chairs that we inherited from David’s great uncle.

White tulip table with white upholstered chairs   White oval tulip table with traditional wood chairs.

French tufted wood chairs around white tulip table  Tulip table with bistro chairs

I plan on reupholstering the seats (which are currently the original needlepoint) with a simple neutral like many of the chairs shown in the photos above. Keep it simple. And although I’d love to paint the chairs, I don’t have it in me to do that to David’s family heirlooms. So wooden they will stay. I do like the contrast though. The light and dark finishes plus the modern and traditional mix. I think it’s a interesting, eclectic blend. What do you think? Would you use the table with more contemporary chairs?

Photo credits: Sacramento Street, Pinterest (let me know if anyone knows the source), Sara Tuttle Interiors, Apartment Therapy and Live Creating Yourself.


  1. Meredith Russell / Feb 8 2012

    I love the juxtaposition of the contemporary with vintage/traditional. I just did a post on my client’s design blog ( from a photo I found that was from apartment therapy’s blog, that did this. You should check it – they covered the vintage stools with gloss vinyl and paired with some acrylic clear chairs…although you probably won’t have space for the xtra chairs…. I also loved the lighting choice – which made the traditional stools seem to fit in better.

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