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Feb 1 / jfletcher

Twice the rug?

Question #1: How you do feel about layering rugs? Okay, got it. Me too. Question #2: How do you feel about layering rugs on a an angle? I’ve been seeing this “trend” in a lot of different places lately. I first noticed it in this picture. Then, Jenny (of Little Green Notebook) used angled rugs in a bedroom design for Joanna (of A Cup of Jo). We’re best friends so it’s okay that I call them by their first names. Finally, I saw angled rugs on display in the lobby of the Washington Design Center. I don’t really like angled anything so regardless of the rug, I think it looks awkward. But enough about me. What do you think? Be sure to click on the links so you can take a look at what I’m talking about and weigh in.

Photo credits:  J.Crew


  1. Meredith Russell / Feb 3 2012

    nope. not a fan. but i do like layered-on-top of each other rectangular rugs. this is a new thing i’ve been seeing…like jute (who wants to actually touch that, but it looks so natural and nice) with a nice fat striped rug on top…really like a cherry on top.

  2. cline rose / Feb 3 2012

    Agreed, Meredith. I personally LOVE animal hides overlapping jute or sisal rugs. It’s a great combo. Thanks for the comment!

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