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Jan 5 / jfletcher

Pop Quiz.

Can you tell me what movie this house is from??

Picture the rooms in reds and greens. OH! I’ve said too much. Leave your guess in the comments below. Extra credit fo those of you who can name the family members! I’ll post a hint later today (a photo of the exterior possibly?) and then the actual movie stills which I am sure you will recognize!

Photo credits: Hooked on Houses.


  1. Maria / Jan 5 2012

    Home Alone!

  2. Megan Laporte / Jan 5 2012

    Home Alone? I think that house was recently put on the market.

  3. Katie Engel / Jan 5 2012

    Its the Home Alone house!!!!!

    Family memebers: Kevin Mcallister, Harry, Marve, Peter and Kate are the parents. Brother Buzz. Uncle Frank. Aunt Kate. Fuller (he pees his pants)

    Thats all I can remember. It looks much better in these pictures!


  4. Meredith Russell / Jan 5 2012

    Oddly, and only recently recognized as, my favorite holiday movie. My kids hate it, which is also odd, since I wasn’t allowed to watch it as a kid….I thought I would score total points letting them see this at a young age.

    Are you redesigning this house??

    *Meredith…I can’t remember how I found your blog a month ago, but I do enjoy looking at it regularly!

  5. Giveittome / Jan 5 2012

    All of these commenters are C-R-A-Z-Y!!! This is clearly the house from Twister. The one with all the weather art outside!!!

  6. Sherry / Jan 6 2012

    Reds and greens made me think Home Alone, as well. Although at one point I thought it might be the house from Wedding Crashers. Amazing that Katie remembers the names of the family! All I could remember was “Wet Robbers” or something like that!!

    • cline rose / Jan 6 2012

      Wet bandits, Sherry!! Come on 😉 Thank Lily for providing blog inspiration for me, will ya? And tell her I love her sassy bob!

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