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Dec 17 / jfletcher

What I’m Working On.

I’m working with a new client who just bought a beautiful new home in Falls Church, VA. Since the house is currently empty, we have a rare chance to get down and dirty without disrupting any day-to-day activities. We are also able to work through Christmas and New Year’s which almost never happens (out of town guest and holiday parties make sure of that). So, I have been working on organizing contractors for walk-throughs and onsite measures (and ultimately obtaining estimates) in an effort to make the “after” of my client’s house look like these photos below. My client actually ripped these photos out of 2 magazines on two separate occasions so you know she likes it (The photos are from Traditional Home’s September 2010 issue, designed by Ken Gemes and photographed by Tria Giovan).

traditional home 2010 ken gemes foyer

traditional home 2010 ken gemes kitchen

traditional home 2010 ken gemes living room

In the back of the house, where the kitchen and family room are located, my client and I wanted to move away from the sage greens, creams and yellows and incorporate bolder shades of deep green and red. We decided something more comfortable and rich with color would be a better fit than the softer palette shown above. Some a bit more like this. Minus Alessandra Branca. Although, she’s welcome over anytime.

Alessandra Branco red and green

The plan is to have everything ready to allow my client to move in early next year. So, I better be going. I’m meeting more contractors over at her house in less than an hour. Yikes.

Photo credits: Traditional Home September 2010 and Decorati.