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Dec 17 / jfletcher

Ranjana Khan for The Limited.

I randomly wandered into The Limited a few days ago while I was in the mall picking up my new iPhone. I used to LOVE The Limited. It was my go-to shop for years. But lately, it’s been missing the mark. At least my mark. But out of nostalgia (and some weird sense of devotion), I decided to do a lap through the store. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this tall glass display case filled with jaw dropping jewels from the designer Ranjana Khan. These little pretties came home with me…

Limited Earrings

I had been looking for almost this exact thing and then I found it (which NEVER happens…and at The Limited of all places)! I was on the hunt for sassy accessories to wear to the World Lebanese Cultural Union dinner that was held Boston two weekends ago. The dress was listed as “business attire” but having spent some time in the company of Arabs, I knew that a simple black dress and a strand of pearls just wouldn’t cut it. The earrings were a big hit and I fit right in. My only complaint is that the earrings are clip on (and when you are forced to participate in folk/line dances having heavy clip-on earrings can be a serious hazard).

Photo credits: The Limited. Check out the rest of the collection here. I want this necklace for the next Lebanese function.