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Nov 4 / jfletcher

Civitan Garage Sale.

Packing up the back of a truck

Tomorrow I am renting a parking space at the Civitan Garage Sale (located in the W&L High School garage) to sell off all of my belongings. Well, not all of them. But definitely the ones that have been in my garage for way too long. The antique and flea market treasures that I have collected, the client purchases that never quite found the perfect home and even some of my personal costume jewelry that I’ve outgrown. It’s all going. So, if you are in the Arlington, VA area, swing on by. And bring Starbucks.

P.S. For those of you that don’t know, Civitan (that’s what we like to call it) is open the first Saturday of every month from 7:00 to 1:00pm. Check out this super sweet cutting edge YouTube video about the sale. It’s about to go viral.

Photo credits: Black Eiffel (Not sure what’s going on with that enormous Ikea pendant but I liked the photo.)


  1. Sam / Nov 4 2011

    Oh boo, we’re going to Philly tonight 🙁 Good luck!

  2. Nelly Anderson / Jun 19 2013

    I enjoy going to the sales. During the last sale I left a trash can that I bought with the vendor to continue with my shopping. However, I forgot to pick it up. Does the vendor left a note?.
    Thank you very much.
    Best regards,
    Nelly Anderson

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