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Oct 20 / jfletcher

Shabby Apple Giveaway! (Closed)

I am so, so excited about today’s giveaway! Shabby Apple, an online vintage boutique, was nice enough to offer one of my wonderful readers (that would be you!) this gorgeous piece of jewelry. Take a look at the picture below and allow me to introduce you to Light as a Feather. This gold necklace has an 18″ long chain and a stamped feather detail. Swoon.

Light as a feather gold necklace

In return, I ask that you please leave a comment here on the blog letting me know your FAVORITE piece from Shabby Apple. This will officially enter you in the contest. It can be a piece of jewelry or one of their amazing frocks. Anything your little heart desires. I’ll kick things off. I am obsessed with their skirts. Obsessed. Classic lines and feminine details all rolled into the perfect skirt. Or in this case, four perfect skirts. I need these in my wardrobe yesterday.

Tess skirt in olive green  Co-ed skirt in navy with large gold buttons

The Tess pencil skirt in an olive green twill with a statement bow and the Co-Ed skirt, a preppy design with brass buttons in navy. I think the Co-Ed is my favorite. It’s hard to choose just one though.

Teacher Pet Skirt navy and white nautical stripes  Pizzaro Plum High Wasted skirt

The Teacher’s Pet, a nautical-stripped skirt in navy and white with box-pleats and the deep plum Pizzaro skirt with high waist and scallop details. Absolutely beautiful for fall.

And guess what else? Shabby Apple has offered 10% off on all purchases (for the next 30 days) to my readers! Again, that would be you! Enter the coupon code “DESIGNINBLOOM10OFF” when you check out. Yay! Such a great excuse to shop. So, while you are surfing Shabby Apple’s online shop for the necklace giveaway, be sure to treat yourself to something special…on sale!

A random winner will be selected and announced on Monday (contest will be officially over at midnight on Sunday). So, get cracking. I can’t wait to read all your comments and hear all about your favorite Shabby Apple items!

Good luck!

Rules and Regulations: The winner must have a US shipping address. And, there will be no exchanges for the winning piece of jewelry. The 10% off discount will expire in 30 days.

Photo credits: Shabby Apple.


  1. chameleonic / Oct 20 2011

    beautiful necklace!

  2. bonkasaurus / Oct 20 2011

    I have never heard of shabby apple before but I AM IN LOVE. this captures everything i aspire in a wardrobe. feminine details in their accessories and shapes and patterns that are classy and not skanky.

    my favorite is the necklace called : Unlock the Queen’s castle! i have such a thing for locks and keys they look so rustic.

    I bought a pocket watch just like the White Rabbits Time Keeper from a little boutique in Singapore a few years back. the battery died.

    -Bianca at

  3. Sam / Oct 20 2011

    I love just about everything on that site, but the Block Party, Going Steady or Malt Shop dresses from the 65 Collection immediately caught my eye!

  4. amanda ayers / Oct 20 2011

    i love the tuxedo III dress! ruffled collar is so cute!

  5. Jessica / Oct 20 2011

    Such a cute place to shop! Love the gold fill green earrings, Gondola dress and ooohh Nothin like a dame dress! Love 🙂

  6. Maria / Oct 20 2011

    Where have you been hiding all of my life, Shabby Apple?! I would like one of everything from the Academia collection. The Summer Break Skirt, is a break that needs to be taken all four seasons! Too cute for words. Love!

    Excellent find, Jo! My wardrobe thanks you. 🙂

  7. clinerose / Oct 20 2011

    Hey everyone, thanks for all your comments so far!! I just tried to enter the PROMO code and it didn’t work. We’ll get this fixed right away – sorry if you tried it already. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks! Joanna

    P.S. Sam, I LOVE the block party dress. Good one.

  8. Julie Coreilanus / Oct 20 2011

    Give it to me.

  9. Kathy / Oct 20 2011

    I like the kids cloths…so cute!

  10. clinerose / Oct 20 2011

    Promo code fixed. Happy shopping! 🙂

  11. Susan Crim / Oct 21 2011

    A dress called “Glacier” has gotten my attention. Great jewlery too!

  12. Dianna / Oct 21 2011

    So far my favorite is the Madison Ave. dress from the Manhattan collection. Love that site!

  13. a little tête-à-tête / Oct 21 2011

    So beautiful! I love the Grey Fox dress!!!

  14. Elizabeth / Oct 21 2011

    I love the crisp white Bonheur dress. The photos of it are gorgeous too!

  15. Sarah / Oct 21 2011

    Such cute stuff! Love the “Nantucket” dress! Can’t go wrong with a a black wrappy-wrap dress! Thanks, Jo! 🙂

  16. Your Sis / Oct 21 2011

    I don’t know which I love more, the entire maternity section or the Ruffle My Feathers dress in the kids’ section. Guess what Viv will be wearing next Spring?

    I think I saw this website with my first pregnancy, but I had totally forgotten about it. Thanks, Jo!

  17. Norma / Oct 22 2011

    Love the dresses at shabby Apple – the Bali Hai is lovely

  18. LAMusing / Oct 22 2011

    Love the G. Cooper dress

  19. Sherry / Oct 22 2011

    If I don’t win that necklace I think I’ll buy it… Adorable!!

  20. Mai / Oct 22 2011

    I’m loving their new 65 line!

  21. Rachael Martin / Oct 22 2011

    I covet the Marco Polo dress! <3

  22. Everything is gorgeous there! Love the vintage skirts, clothing, jewelry and the one you’re offering is really stunning. I love the Positano two piece bathing suit in red!

  23. Katie Engel / Oct 23 2011

    I LOVE the Lois Lane dress!! So veratile and adorable!!


  24. S_Shaw / Oct 23 2011

    Globetrotter tote… which color, though?

  25. Bhav / Oct 24 2011

    My favorite piece is the Up and Away dress! Elegant and chic. Love the giveaway necklace. Thank you!

    bvbabybv at gmail dot com

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