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Oct 5 / jfletcher

What’s missing from these photos?

  Dining Room in gray and kelly green

You guessed it. Rugs. You’re so smart.

I usually love the warmth an area rug brings to a space. This is particularly true for a dining area which is typically made of up of many hard wood surfaces. However, I think these rooms are quite successful even without a rug. The striking blocks of color soften the space and the long window panels with the slight puddle at the bottom (love that green) add a little extra formality. I hardly even miss the rug.

What do you think? Does it feel unfinished to you? Messy? Or does it still look put together? Polished? Or maybe a little of both?

Photo credits:  Morgan Howarth for Washington Spaces and Mali Azima for Veranda via Splendid Sass