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Sep 20 / jfletcher

An international Home Goods score.

I popped into Home Goods today for a client (I swear). Although, the client portion of my trip was unsuccessful, I did manage to find this delightful little treat for meeeeeee! Why does that always happen? Take a look!

David and I are actually having a print that we bought from the London Transport Museum framed at this exact moment. Overkill? Nah. Well, probably, but I don’t care. This guy was $30.00 and it makes me happy.

Photo credits: Me.


  1. Eric Gade / Sep 20 2011

    1) None of this is overkill.
    2) The Tube line poster and the print are both awesome.
    3) I will interpret the Abizaid love for London as a love for me.

    • clinerose / Sep 20 2011

      Best comment ever. EVER. Thanks Ricky!

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