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Aug 26 / jfletcher

Just missed it.

The ONLY bad thing about blogging is when another blogger beats you to the punch. You may have a great idea, something you think is 100% original and one-of-a-kind, and then BAM there is it on one of your favorite blogs.

Girl at desk in white skirt

So today, I wanted to share those blog posts with you. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Blue sofas: Ever since watching the first season of Secrets From a Stylist, I have been swooning over Emily’s go-to choice of blue upholstery. Sofas in particular. So has my girl, Christina of the Proper Hunt. Check it out.

Jamie Beck: My second installment of the feature Girl Crush was going to be about the photographer Jamie Beck. I dig her vintage vibe and her incredible, incredible talent. Apparently, so does Apartment 34. Take a look.

Fishtail braid: I saw quite a few girls rocking this hairstyle when I was in Miami. I thought no one in the world would think a posting a fishtail braid tutorial! Nope. I was wrong. Cupcakes and Cashmere covered this one already. And then I saw Giuliana Rancic wearing one on E! News

Be sure to check out Jamie Beck’s tumblr page, From Me To You. It’s a good one!! Happy clicking! And Happy Friday!

Photo credits: Vanessa Paxton


  1. Emad / Aug 26 2011

    Great Photo !

  2. Christina / Aug 27 2011

    I know! I hate it when that happens. I swear it happens a lot more than I’d like it to. But thank you for the shout-out!! BTW, I want Jamie Beck’s life. Thanks for introducing me to someone I genuinely am jealous of 🙂

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