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Aug 26 / jfletcher

Essie: Worth every pennie.

Okay, so let’s get real for a minute. $8.00 is a lot of money for nail polish. I mean, Wet N Wild was like a buck when I was in middle school.

Essie Nice is Nice nail polish

Have you ever tried Essie? I’m a believer. The colors are amazing and it lasts forever. I’m typically a French pedicure kinda gal during the summer. But this year, I have been rocking lavender on my toes, Nice is Nice by Essie, and I love it. I might not ever go back. Besides, $8.00 is less than getting a professional pedicure so I’m still coming out ahead.

I just bought a bottle of ¬†Bachelorette Bash¬†from Target for only $7.79 (so thrifty!) for my friend’s wedding that was just rescheduled for October. It matches my bridesmaid dress perfectly (the color of the dress is hot pink). I can still wear fuschia on my toes in October, right? Which reminds me, I’m going to need to get a new color for fall. Any suggestions?

Photo credit: Essie


  1. Jessica Cooley / Aug 26 2011

    LOVE Essie. Have my gave colors on my pinterest boards. Chinchilli is an awesome purple gray and sand tropez is a great nude shade!

  2. Jessica Cooley / Aug 26 2011

    My fave colors. Gotta love autocorrect.

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