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Aug 25 / jfletcher

Forces of Nature.

So, I just found out that the wedding I was supposed to be in on Saturday near Ocean City, MD. has been canceled due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Irene.  Isn’t that sad? Stupid weather. After talking with my friend, the bride, last night, I had planned to post some inspirational wedding photos of nuptials in the rain. I figured she could use some encouragement. I was even going to hunt down hot pink and/or navy umbrellas for the bridesmaids to use during any and all outdoor photos before I left go the beach this evening. But then I got the call. Wedding canceled. Ocean City initiating Phase One. Since I already pulled these images, and I know other couples getting married along the East Coast this weekend, I figured I share them anyways.

Laura and Brian Barn wedding with black umbrella and bouquet

Bridal party with black umbrellas

Barn wedding with black umbrellas

Barn wedding in the rain

Barn wedding in the rain and on a boat

 And another.

Outdoor wedding reception in the rain

And one more.

Wedding in the rain with umbrellas

Wedding in the rain bride and groom

Wedding in the rain bride wearing grooms jacket

As a bride who survived rain on her wedding day, I can honestly say that it’s not so bad. In fact, I thought it was kind of fun. However, that was just a passing thunder/hail storm not a full blown hurricane affecting most of the Mid-Atlantic. Yikes. For all of those brides who are braving the weather, good luck to you! Just be sure no crazy guests jump through your wedding cake for no reason like in the November Rain video (its’ a not the happiest of videos so click with caution).

Photo credits:  Once Wed, Castles Crowns and Cottages and Aubrey Joy Photography.


  1. beth lydon / Aug 25 2011

    These photos are pretty great! Although, I would have taken it like a champ and “weathered the storm”, I am glad I am not getting married during a hurricaine! Thats on a whole other level than a little rain! Love you for helping me and staying so positive! October 15th is totally the new August 27th!

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