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Jun 23 / jfletcher

Pictures from our trip to London.

I realized today that I never shared photos from our recent vacation to London! Duh. So, here you go! All of these photos are courtesy of my super talented husband, David. I think you will recognize most of the landmarks but if you have any questions just let me know. The photos toward the bottom were taken inside the British Museum and the V&A (which sadly put the Smithsonian to shame). And the final picture is the view from our hotel room, which might just be my favorite.

Did you know the Tower Bridge was blue? Because I certainly did not.

London Bridge lamp post

View from St. Paul's

St. Paul's Cathedral dome

View from St. Paul's Cathedral

Millennium Bridge and view of St. Paul's

  Big ben, double decker bus and taxi cab

 big ben and statue

Exterior architecture of parliment

Bridge across Thames and Big Ben

London Eye

The London Eye

Lady at the British Museum

Chandelier in the V&A Museum

Tapestry and man in striped suit

V&A Museum Gallery

The Underground

The tube

View from our hotel room

There are a few more pictures that I took of Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace that I will post once I get the photos developed. That’s right. Developed. You see, I forgot my camera (didn’t we talk about this before?) and David forgot the battery charger to his fancy schmancy camera, so I had to buy a disposable camera during our first day touring London. Our phones just didn’t cut it. And yes, they still make disposable cameras in 2011! Who knew? Now, if I could just find some place that still develops film.

Photo credits: David Abizaid. David put up a few more pics of our visit to the Tate Modern, so take a look at his page!


  1. Anna@MyDesignEthos / Jun 24 2011

    These are fantastic photos – your husband is a very talented photographer indeed! I can’t wait to visit London one day – I’m hoping to see more of Venice next year which is one of my favourite cities in the world, but London is very high on the bucket list! Very jealous!

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