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Jun 8 / jfletcher

What I’m Working On: Pounds.

Since I’m across the pond, I am only working on vacation related things today:

rose pants with bedazzled peep tow shoes

Pounding the London pavement. Bedazzled heels, optional.

stack of gold pounds  stack of gold pounds

Spending too much money. Pounds specifically.

 pink vintage detecto scale

Eating too much, resulting in gaining too many pounds. I will not be stepping on that thing when I get home, that’s for sure.

buckingham palace guard from the green poncho etsy

And trying to get this guy to give me a pound it. Pound it, blow it up. I’d settle for a smile at this point.

Photo credits: Sketch 42, Things You Should Know, Hope Knows Vintage via Etsy and The Green Poncho via Etsy.


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