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May 31 / jfletcher

The one that started it all.

Today is the anniversary of two very important events. The first being the anniversary of my dearest of dear friends whose Outer Banks, NC wedding is pictured below in the pages of Weddings Unveiled.

Weddings Unveiled Sarah and Mike page 1

Weddings Unveiled Sarah and Mike Page 2

And the second, is the anniversary of when I fell head over heels in love with weddings. It’s true. This is the one that started it all. Yes, it’s no secret this was an extraordinary wedding. From the flowers to the printed paper products, each detail was executed perfectly and with impeccable taste. Not a single detail was missed. Did I mention the bows on the programs?? Gosh. I wonder who tied them so beautifully? Someone talented, for sure.

Need to see more photos of this fabulous wedding? You’re in luck. Just click here!

Happy anniversary, guys!

Photo credits: Weddings Unveiled.


  1. Sarah / May 31 2011

    Thank you! This makes me so happy! And those bows certainly did have that “Jo Touch” 🙂 xo

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