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Apr 20 / jfletcher

What I’m Working On: My Kitchen

Now that we have some sunny (and open) weekends coming up, David and I plan to get started on our kitchen.  It’s super small and doesn’t allow for many opportunities to play around with different materials. The walls are minimal and interrupted by awkward bulkheads. The floor is disgusting but it will have to do because we can’t move the oven to tile underneath it. True story. Although, at lunch Sara Tuttle just gave me the great idea to paint it out with carport paint, just like she did in her Kitchen. So, that leaves me with the cabinets.

Kitchen 1  Kitchen 2

I’ve decided the cabinets need to be painted a fun and fresh color after seeing this sweet little blue kitchen on Pinterest (from Decorology’s Flickr page). It’s a little more robin’s egg than what I am going for but you get the idea. I plan to use Benjamin Moore Polar Ice #1660 (shown to the right), which is the same color we painted the doors in the upstairs hall. I got this idea when David and I stayed at Bedford Springs Resort and it’s one of my favorite features in the house. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

 Blue kitchen cabinets  Ben Moore Polar Ice

I love the vintage feel the kitchen currently has, so I will be replacing the existing hinges and hardware with exactly the same ones. Just shiny and new versions. I bought these at Home Depot for pennies.

Liberty chrome hardware  Liberty chrome hinge

I’ve recruited my mom (and her sewing machine) to help with this next project. I would like to create a curtain (like this one from Country Living) to cover the exposed area under the microwave. It’s gross under there. No one wants to see our trash can. Not even me. I was thinking about using a stripe but then I found this adorable polka dot print from Galbraith and Paul. It’s quickly becoming by favorite. I plan to railroad the fabric to cut down on yardage costs and to avoid unnecessary seams.

countryliving sink skirt‘ Candy Stripe in Grass

The fridge and built-in pantry cabinet are located behind where I am standing to take the pictures. Our fridge is 4′ tall and covered with Save-the-Dates, birth announcements, grocery lists and friendly reminders. It’s a hot mess. I would love to replace it with a taller one. Maybe one of these retro Northstar refrigerators I saw on Mrs. Lilien’s blog? So many colors to choose from!


  1. Your Sis / Apr 20 2011

    Love the fridge idea. Definitely do the fridge.

  2. S_Shaw / Apr 21 2011

    Absolutely on the fridge. Timely post, I’m doing a kitchen/pantry re-org, too. Keep the good ideas coming!!

  3. S_Shaw / Apr 21 2011

    btw, antlers look fantastic!!

    • clinerose / Apr 21 2011

      YESSSSSS! Thank you! I was hoping someone would notice!!

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