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Mar 21 / jfletcher

To Decorate or to Undecorate?

To Decorateor to Undecorate? How do I choose between two books with major contradictions at the very core of the design approach (and obviously in the titles) yet both are promising similar and stylish end results? Judging by the covers alone, I don’t think either book will disappoint. I know, you aren’t supposed to judge books by their covers but I did. Gorgeous interior shots. What about the authors? Well, personally, I’m a huge fan of both ladies so I can’t go wrong there. Allow me to introduce you! Author of Undecorate, Christiane Lemieux, Founder and Creative Director of the home furnishings company, DwellStudio. And then there is Holly Becker, the Founder and Editor of decor8blog and author of the appropriately named Decorate book.

Decorate Book Cover Undecorate Book Cover

So, back to my question. Which book to choose? To Decorate or to Undecorate? Well, that might be the question but here is my answer: I won’t be choosing. I bought them BOTH. True story. Take that Shakespeare. I ordered the books yesterday on Amazon (it’s way too easy to shop there) and am really looking forward to hearing the big thud from outside when the delivery man tosses the boxes on my porch.


  1. Colleen / Mar 22 2011

    not to mention “Decorate” is by a JOANNA!!

    • clinerose / Mar 23 2011

      HAHA! Well then obviously its the BEST!! I don’t know though, Undecorate arrived today and it looks pretty cool! Exciting to crack it open. Thanks for the comment, Col!

  2. cute pictures / Apr 20 2011

    superb blog & writing skills. you make this look easy lol. Keep up the great work I’ll be back to read more of your posts later my friend!

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